About Tango

My teaching style is characterized by giving the basics of Traditional Argentine Tango with a fresh look and new technical elements that help students understand how body works in dance, always emphasizing the connection, embrace, musicality, caminata and individuality of each person, to dance together.

I've taken regular classes and workshops with remarkable teachers like Moira Castellano, Carla Marano, Mario Bournissen, Sebastian de la Vallina, Julio Balmaceda and Corina De la Rosa, Milena Plebs, Aurora Lubiz, Elina Ruiz, Dana Frígoli and Pablo Villaraza, Rosa and Carlos Pérez, Roberto Herrera, Ezequiel Farfaro, Alejandra Gutti, Mariela Sametband, Sebastian de la  Vallina, Pancho Martinez Pey, Gabriela Amalfitani, Horacio Godoy, Cecilia Berra, Beatriz Mendoza, Juan Capriotti, Graciana Romeo, Ariadna Naveira, among others in Buenos Aires and Rosario.

In 2005 I got the 1st place in Tango Salon, during the III World Tango Championship in Rosario, representing my hometown in Buenos Aires Festival, resulting finalist.

Regular Teacher at "Milonga Las Chirusas" (2004/2007).

Regular Teacher at Studio "Danzarte" (2004/2009).
Regular Teacher at Studio "Visten como Danzan" (2007/2009).
Regular Teacher at "Milonga Lo que Vendra" (2011).

I firmly believes that Tango is "Two bodies dancing one dance together".