About me

I was born in Rosario, Argentina; my family was not a "Tango lover family" but they loved Dance and Arts in general. So at the age of 6 years, I started learning Ballet and Jazz Dance. When I finished highschool I began my studies of Acting and then I spent 3 years studying Film Maker and also 2 years of Dramatic Art at University. 

I began my Tango journey in 2001, I must say by chance... After a couple of months of going to milongas and taking some classes, it became my passion. Since that, I've continued refining my technique and my knowledge in relation to dance and music. 

Throughout my Tango training I have also studied Pilates as a way of maintaining balance, strength and grace in my art form. From seeing the benefits first hand in my own body, I am a firm believer in Pilates as a means of "doing everyday life well."

Once I moved to New Zealand I started the trainning with Stability Plus Pilates, and I've been working for Peak Pilates and Physiotherapy for 3 years now. 

Since 2009 I'm based in Auckland, teaching regular classes at Pasion por Tango Studio and Bliss Studio, as well as I organize workshops for visitors teachers. 

I travel to Argentina as often as I can to keep developing my own tango style and technique. 

I am a lifelong student and strongly believe in the importance of continuing to develop oneself when teaching others.

Dunedin, Moeraki Boulders, NZ 2016